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Solar Installations

Solar Installations

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and is the cleanest form of energy that is pollution-free and reduces carbon emissions. Solar panels can be installed in open space and on top of the space available in commercial sectors, there is enough space for a large number of solar panels to be installed for producing solar electricity, for meeting all the power needs. The commercial sector’s electricity consumption is much higher during the day, which makes them worthy of installing solar panels. A solar system can be set up in commercial sectors for AC, electricity and lighting, and other users that can help the business move away from just relying on network electricity and thus reduces the electricity bills. These solar systems have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years, which results in less maintenance. Solar panels collect renewable energy from sunlight and then convert it into electricity which is used to provide power to electrical booths. These panels include many solar cells that are made up of boron, silicon, phosphorus arranged in a network pattern. The energy generated by these solar panels is transferred to an inverter which converts the DC power into AC power which is the same as the energy sent through the functioning network.

We provide expert technicians to install these panels. Are you looking for one to do the same for you? Then connect with us to enjoy some renewable source of energy.


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